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Recently I’ve been searching for inner peace. When you start to find that peace within you, then comes the love that you feel for yourself.
Slowly but surely, I’ve started to find that inner peace. I’m content with how my life is turning around now. I’ve started to believe in things that I always wanted to believe in but just couldn’t. I’ve come to realize that great things come with time. Something worth having isn’t something that you can just go out and have. You have to work hard for it. People show up in your life for reasons. Once they have made their reasons clear, they either go or remain in your life. If they leave, they’ve taught you a valuable lesson. If they stay, they are meant to be in your life for even more reasons. Everything happens for a reason. It’s all part of a greater plan for your well being, whether you believe it or not. Some things have happened in my life where I still have a hard time finding out their reasons.
One day, you’ll meet someone who thinks the world of you. That same person will look at you as if you’re the most beautiful person they have ever seen. Don’t push those people away. If they think you’re the most beautiful person in the world, they’ll treat you like it. They shouldn’t have any bad intentions. They shouldn’t want to drag you into something destructive. They’d want what’s best for you. If you saw a beautiful thing, wouldn’t you want what’s best for it? Wouldn’t you want to treat it with the best of care? I sure would. Don’t except anything less. If you think you’ve found someone, give them time. Give them time to turn around, if they need turning around. Like I said, things worth having aren’t something that will come easy.
With that, inner peace is definitely worth having, but it sure doesn’t come easy. It has it’s ups and it’s downs. Being able to believe the things that I just talked about takes a great deal of faith and realizations. Look at your life. Look at the people who are a part of it. Look at the people who once were a part of it. Try to figure out their reasons for staying or leaving. It’ll make you appreciate them, no matter what they put you through. They just taught you a lesson. Be grateful that you learned that now and not later.
The search for inner peace isn’t complete until you can find peace with your body. I’ve had a lot of body image issues and I still do to this day. Your body is the one thing that’s truly yours. You can literally do whatever you want to it as with it. Personalize it, worship it, love it, hate it, disrespect it, abuse it, whatever you want to do with it. It’s yours completely, but remember one thing: it’s the house of your soul. You can mold and build this house however you please. That’s the beauty of it all. If you don’t like something about it, have enough courage to want to change it, have the motivation to get up and start the change, and have faith in yourself that you’ll achieve the change you want to see. What’s worth having won’t come easy. You have to work for it. You must be happy with what you have while working for what you want. Right now, this is what I’m working on. My body is the only thing that I have that’s mine. There are changes that I want to make, but I need to work on loving the things that I want to change.
Since my body is the house of my soul, I want to start treating it like a temple. Remember what I said before? Someday someone will look at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the world and they would want what’s best for you. That person will look at your soul. Since your body is the house of your soul and your soul is beautiful, don’t you want what’s best for your body? Treat your body like the temple it is. Love your little temple. You must first love yourself before you can truly love someone else. You have to love yourself enough to know what’s best for your soul. Once you know what’s best for your soul, for your body, then you can start looking for love. Once you love yourself, your soul, you have a better understanding of what’s best for other peoples souls. That way you can truly make them happy.
Once you’ve achieved this way of thinking, I believe that you truly have that inner peace and love for yourself. I’m sort of new to this way of thinking, so I have some work to do.
For me, I’m working on making changes to my “temple” but still loving it the way it is, understanding why people come and go, working out the reasons behind everything that happens, good and bad, and ultimately working on loving myself. Once I’ve achieved this, I’ll be truly truly at peace with my life and I’m happy to say that I’m on my way.


the reason why so many people prefer older men isnt because we have some sort of kink but because we know young teenage boys are a complete fucking disaster that can only be salvaged by the sands of time

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let robin williams’ death remind us that the battle against mental illness and addiction is REAL. and let his life be a testament to the way we can affect others through positivity and a joyful spirit

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This is my first ever tattoo that I got. I got in on Thursday, August 7. I decided to get “fly me to the moon” tattooed because my dad passed away in October unexpectedly. I wanted my first tattoo to be in memory of him. With that in mind, I chose those words because we used to dance around my kitchen when I was little to Fly me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra. It’s one of my favorite memories that I have of him and I. I had my mom’s write it out and had her writing tattooed on me. I wanted the music note with the heart incorporated into it to symbolize the love I have for both my dad and my mom. It’s the three of us incorporated into one tattoo.