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She also inspires me too.

I hung out with my old friend yesterday. It was so nice to get caught up. Everything was the way it used to be, our deep conversations, our running around her backyard, her moms dinners that get finished around 10:44 at night, and I felt that same connection with her that I did about 9 years ago. 

I definitely believe that this will work out, that we won’t drift away again, and that we’ll have an even better friendship than ever before. 


Nature knows no bounds.

My beautiful friend.

Summer staples 

Go exploring
I’ve been falling in love with the art of photography again.

I get in these photography moods for about a week then I’m completely over it. 

I know for a fact that this will stay a passion of mine. 

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It would actually make my day. I want to promote this because I truly think that with support and admirers, I’d be motivated to go above and beyond and strive to do my best. 

i got my camera. im gonna take it with me blueberry picking with gramps tomorrow.